3 Qualities Needed To Be Successful

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While there are many qualities needed to be a success, these three have made me the success that I am today.  While this post is not about me it’s about you and your success, I want to share with you how when I adapted these three qualities in my life my success level went from 2-10 quickly!

  1. Confidence.  If you don’t have confidence in what it is you are doing, stop right now and go get some.  Whether you adapt the confidence of a mentor or you go and get the confidence you dropped off some where you need it to be successful.  No one will work with someone that is not confident in what they are doing.  Think about a doctor.  Would you let a doctor who is not confident perform surgery on you? I’m sure you wouldn’t.  Confidence is one of the main ingredients needed to be a success in your business.
  2. Persistence.  I have had so many road blocks in my career.  There were times when I felt defeated.  Instead of me listening to the voice of God, I listened to other people causing me to neglect my hopes and dreams.  I had to learn that my gifts, my knowledge, and my skills that I have acquired throughout the years are not for me.  They are for me to help others attain personal and professional success.  It was when I realized this, that I changed my mindset as well as my work ethic.  I begin to be persistent in everything I did.  I continued to push through no matter what the situation or circumstance was.  I have engaged in a vision that is bigger than myself, and nothing, and no one will stop me.  It is when you adapt the mentally, faith, and work ethic to be persistent in everything that you do, that’s when you will become successful!
  3. Humility.  Being humble is a must.  Don’t think so highly of yourself that you don’t want to help others.  This is a formula for disaster.  Instead be a servant.  Be willing to help others that are in need.  Don’t be prideful because pride comes before the fall. Be so full of yourself that you are ready to pour into others from the overflow of your cup.

These are the 3 qualities I needed to be successful.  I know that these will help you to be the success you are called to be.

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